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He Is Cool
He is Cool!!!
He Is Cool
He is The War Hero
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He is The Law Enforcement
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He is The King of Kings
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He is The Coin Star Ronnie
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Meet "The Coin Star Ronnie"

These NFT’s have been created about one mans life who traveled the world doing things his own way. “Ronnie” is the name of the collection and each NFT is a one of a kind. The man behind this NFT is also the founder of the new virtual world named Vucoworld and is launching a new crypto currency called Vucocoin in January 2022.

This collection will have a total of 100 ‘Ronnies ever to be made. Each Ronnie will have special powers in VucoWorld. Each Ronnie is different and will act as a Guardian angel making sure that if someone is making trouble in VucoWorld all one needs to do is call on Ronnie and they will come to help you, making sure everyone is safe and life inside VucoWorld is pure bliss.

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